DEI Activity Resources (USCOTS 21)

This page contains resources from the USCOTS 21 Beyond Session Async-03: Addressing Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality in a Methods Course. A video recording of the session can be found at the link.

The slides used in this session can be found here.


Linear Models with R Second Edition (2014), by Julian J. Faraway. Chapman & Hall, Boca Raton, Florida. ISBN-13: 978-1439887332

Activity based on Chapter 12 Insurance Redlining — A Complete Example

Articles Used:

Discussion Post Instructions:

Please write a short post about your thoughts on the role statistics/statisticians play in discussions regarding diversity, inclusion, and equality. I understand this is a vague topic, but some potential areas to consider: research questions, data collection, stratification, sampling, model selection, study design, etc. 

In addition to your post, please read through the posts of your classmates and try to respond to at least one.

For full points on this assignment, I am looking for 1 post and 1 response from each of you.  

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